Installing a new Sink, Tap or Trap can be the final piece of your renovation project or simply a new addition/swap to your existing ranges. Call First Call Home Services on 02476 950 595 to see if we can help find you a tap that you like at a reduced cost. We have trade links to local plumbing distributors and are happy to source these items for you at a cheaper rate.
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New Tap Installation or Repair

Dripping taps although not a serious concern can introduce an array of issues into your heating system.

Although if we start closer to home, a leak can introduce mould in places where it may not be easily spotted, this can lead to respiratory problems and prompt allergic reactions.

Dripping taps can also cause calcium build-up in or around the leak causing the tap to seize or force a replacement of the tap altogether increasing the cost required when changing a tap.

The average price per litre of water in the UK set to around 0.184 pence, so considering the figures above you could save 10p per day off your water bill which equates to a £36 pound saving yearly.

Not to mention to costs involved not having to repair ceilings, repaint damaged surfaces or replace a faulty washer.

Toilets & Traps

Blocked toilets can be frustrating and embarrassing! Don’t consume too much precious time if you’ve persistently tried to unblock your private toilet and have naturally failed, Call us on 02476 950 595 and we’ll be on our way to you within our 60-minutes with our rapid response team.

We will exclusively undertake this if you’ve tried and failed to unclog the toilet/pipe or have followed some simple troubleshooting steps provided by our friendly local plumbers near you. This is to avoid any spam/hoax callers and to see if fix an issue over the phone.