Dripping taps although not a serious concern can introduce an array of issues into your heating system. Although if we start closer to home, a leak can introduce mould in places where it may not be easily spotted, this can lead to respiratory problems and prompt allergic reactions. Dripping taps can also cause calcium build-up in or around the leak causing the tap to seize or force a replacement of the tap altogether increasing the cost required when changing a tap.

The average price per litre of water in the UK set to around 0.184 pence, so considering the figures above you could save 10p per day off your water bill which equates to a £36 pound saving yearly. Not to mention to costs involved not having to repair ceilings, repaint damaged surfaces or replace a faulty washer.

Here are a few commonly asked questions when it comes to dripping taps and the answers.

A dripping tap can waste anywhere up-to 20,000 litres of water per year. That’s an incredible 54.8 litres per day.

Fixing a dripping tap doesn’t need to break the bank, if you know that the problem is with the washer inside the tap then the costs can be anywhere from £10-£20. If you require a new tap however then you will need to factor in the cost of the new tap and the plumbers time

Your tap is dripping most likely due to a faulty/worn out washer. Or a damaged valve somewhere in the tap.

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